It didn’t take long after South Africa filed its application to the International Court of Justice at the Hague, an extension of the United Nations. for its critics to come out.

As we earlier reported, the UKLFI was already planning to address the UN General Assembly’s referral of Israel to the ICJ. But, in light of next week’s hearings on Sought Africa’s application, the organization pivoted.

Aside from the question of jurisdiction, UKLFI’s Natasha Hausdorff said last night that Israel would be unlikely to comply with an unfavorable decision anyway. She noted Israel couldn’t just “sit on its hands” while its citizens are under attack.

Others have dug deeper into the facts of the Application.  The United States’ National Security Counsel spokesman John Kirby has called it “meritless,” with particular disdain for the facts contained therein.

On social media platform X, HonestReporting’s Salo Aizenberg posted that the claim of genocide filed against Israel relied on fabricated evidence and misrepresented quotes to show intent.

South Africa accused Israeli President Herzog of “making it clear” that Israel intends to kill all Palestinians. However, Aizenberg presented evidence that showed the opposite.

If South Africa is successful, the ICJ could “order” Israel to cease hostilities in Gaza where it has been operating since several weeks after the October 7th attacks.

TribunalForum, as the paper of record for war crimes tribunals of those participating in the October 7 attacks and those thereafter against Israel, covers procedural and substantive matters related to any such tribunal.

Other issues have come to light questioning the seriousness of South Africa’s Application to the ICJ.  In footnote 506, South Africa relied on Qatari Middle East Eye. Arab nations have called for the Middle East Eye‘s closure in the past for its affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar.

The Middle East Eye had reported that in an interview with an Israeli TV channel, “former Israeli Knesset member” Danny Neumann said: “They must be exterminated, all of them must be killed.” Israelis comment that the Knesset has no such member.

Danny Neumann is a former footballer. The ICJ has yet to successfully order a war to stop based on the stated intent of a nation’s former athletes, according to our research.