The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled on provisional measures yesterday in the case of South Africa v. Israel. It significantly rejected South Africa’s request to order a ceasefire in Gaza, which is in stark contrast to the ICJ’s 2022 ruling on Russia, when it ordered a ceasefire for its operations in Ukraine.

The ICJ ignored Israel’s argument that South Africa had misrepresented its pre-filing steps to invoke jurisdiction.

The ICJ instead ruled it had jurisdiction and ordered Israel to ensure its military operations adhere to the 1948 Genocide Convention. The provisional ruling also called for the immediate and unconditional release of hostages held by Hamas.

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Dr. Isaac Amon, Esq., TribunalForum Managing Editor, and Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq., CEO of TribunalForum’s Publisher Judiciocracy, each penned opinion pieces ahead of the hearings at The Hague.

Several of the comments upon which the ICJ based its ruling referred to the Bible, which were cited by Israeli leaders in the days after October 7th.

Israel’s judge on the 17 judge panel, the Hon. Aharon Barak, called for the prosecution of Jews who had quoted from the Bible.