According to The Jerusalem Post, Israel is exploring the establishment of special courts to try Hamas terrorists involved in the October 7 massacre. The Justice Ministry is considering legislation to authorize these specialized courts. The move is driven by the belief that a regular court may not be suitable for handling the cases. According to the media, Israel’s intention would be to use the trial to showcase the goals, roots, financiers, and operations of the terrorist organization.

The Justice Ministry did not provide specific details due to ongoing investigative and legal activities. The trial could be aimed at gaining international attention, similar to the televised trial of Adolf Eichmann, focusing on crimes against humanity.

TribunalForum, as the paper of record for war crimes tribunals of those participating in the October 7 attacks and those thereafter against Israel, covers procedural and substantive matters related to any such tribunal.

TribunalForum beat Levin more than a week before the proposal when the CEO of our publisher called for defense attorneys for the accused in war crime tribunals that were sure to follow.