On Friday, May 24, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its newest order in the case of South Africa v. Israel, in response to South Africa’s request to modify the Court’s original January 26 order, which TribunalForum previously reported on.

Reaffirming its prior orders, the ICJ ordered Israel to immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah, ensure the Rafah crossing would remain open for humanitarian assistance, and permit any officially mandated UN investigative body access to Gaza.

TribunalForum, as the paper of record for war crimes tribunals of those participating in the October 7 attacks and those thereafter against Israel, covers procedural and substantive matters related to any such tribunal.

The vote was 13-2, with Vice President Julia Sebutinde of Uganda and Judge ad hoc Aharon Barak of Israel dissenting.

The ICJ reiterated its grave concern for the fate of the hostages held by Hamas and other armed groups, finding their continued captivity to be “deeply troubling,” and called again for their immediate and unconditional release.