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TribunalForum grew from an article written by a member of the GazaPassage Working Group, Jerome Marcus on JNS. The article, entitled, “Israel must decide what to do with Hamas prisoners” advocates for the Israeli military to preserve evidence in the case of war crime tribunals. Several days later, I was among the first 200 journalists to witness the atrocity footage in Israel while reporting for an international news service. The event, although incidental to TribunalForum, encapsulated Mr. Marcus’ exhortations.

As a result, I broke the story many have since heard – an audio recording of one of the atrocities, where an October 7th invader uses the phone of one of his 10 victims to relate the story to his parents. However, it was the three acts the next day as a result of the story that led to the creation of TribunalForum.

First, with that publication having small distribution, it would have received little notice on its own. I emailed the IDF the next day to request release the audio, showing them the power of our story. Hours later, they did. And the world took notice. It had forgotten its power even weeks later, until Bari Weiss featured it in her two-standing-ovation speech to FedSoc in November. Reporting has power.

But something else bothered me about the difference between journalism and justice. As journalists, we report the facts as we see them, and save judgment for the audience.  The practice of law is a different matter altogether. Adjudicating is done on behalf of the people by judges but only after a fair process. In my reporting of the truth in the face of Mr. Marcus’ suggestion was something lacking in justice. Another step I took the day after included seeking due process for the accused. I tweeted a request to known American legal commentators (and Palestinian apologists, in my view) to suggest attorneys willing to represent the accused should the tribunals envisioned by Mr. Marcus commence.

Finally, the day after, Judiciocracy, the American legal news publisher including the largest news services of attorney and judicial misconduct I run, purchased the TribunalForum domain.

Another member of the GazaPassage Working Group, Dr. Isaac Amon provides TribunalForum the missing piece. He dedicates his award-winning legal scholarship to, among other things, matters of comparative criminal law and due process. His background, as seen below as a War Crimes Investigator at the Hague, makes him ideally suited to the expertise needed to cover. Our fundamental belief is that Israel is serious about meting out justice. Our editorial position on the matter is laid out in a nearly 4,000 word cited article entitled: “In The Footsteps Of The Nuremberg & Eichmann Trials: Israel’s Prosecution of HAMAS for War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity.” In it, Dr. Amon and I advocate for war crime tribunals with due process protection for the accused:

“As difficult as it may be at this moment to publicly commit to a fair trial, due to emotions and the sheer horror of what transpired on October 7, this is the time for Israel to do so.”

TribunalForum is committed to straight reporting news on a fair trial for the accused. We will follow the guidelines of the Association of Principled Press as best we can. Opinions will be published only as such. The rest will be witness to the truth.

Because, as one of our taglines reminds readers, “the crime is not bearing witness.”

None of the American Palestinian apologists have yet stepped forward. But they will. Because justice demands that those accused have defenders in a court of law.

And TribunalForum, with Dr. Amon as Managing Editor, will be here to report it.

Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq.
Judiciocracy LLC


Dr. Amon is an international legal scholar with significant experience as a war crimes investigator. He has experience working at the United Nations and served as a Legal Atrocity Crimes Investigator for an NGO from 2019-2021. In 2023, Dr. Amon earned Missouri Bar Foundation’s W. Oliver Rasch Award for best legal writing. (LinkedIn bio.)

Dr. Amon has earned three law degrees from Washington Unversity School of Law (JD, LLM, JSD) where he serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law. He is the current Director of Academic Research & Program Development at the Jewish Heritage Alliance.

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