According to Israel’s legal reporter Netael Bandel, its Attorney General, Gali Baharav Miara has threatened criminal action against Israelis who argue for more aggressive military tactics.

She is quoted as saying (translated):

“The State of Israel, including the security agencies, are obliged to act according to the principles of international law and the laws of war. Statements that call for, among other things, intentional harm to uninvolved citizens, are against the prevailing policy and may constitute criminal offenses, including incitement. These days, there are several cases under consideration by law enforcement officials.”

She went further than her November warning where she said to ministers:

“These remarks give support to those who wish us ill because they are against the rule of international law and are interpreted as a war crime.”

Now, she is warning all Israelis of their risk of being locked up.

South Africa’s claim relies on footballer Danny Neumann’s remarks as evidence of genocide we first reported.

TribunalForum, as the paper of record for war crimes tribunals of those participating in the October 7 attacks and those thereafter against Israel, covers procedural and substantive matters related to any such tribunal.

The CEO of TribunalForum’s publisher Judiciocracy penned an opinion piece on Tuesday morning stating that the South Africa’s evidence was the result of Western free speech.

Ms. Baharav Miara’s proclamation appears to agree with Coach’s take in practice.