Today, Israel defended itself against South Africa’s claims of genocide at the ICJ. British King’s Counsel Professor Malcolm Shaw argued that South Africa fabricated communications between the countries to attempt to establish jurisdiction for the UN’s judicial body.

A recording of Israel’s argument can be found here.

In closing statements, Gilad Noam of the Israeli Ministry of Justice summarized various misrepresentations in his closing argument. Related to the jurisdictional arguments detailed by Professor Shaw, he said: “The court lacks prima facie jurisdiction… Indeed, [South Africa] tried to mislead the court.”

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(Credit: TribunalForum publisher Judiciocracy CEO Edward “Coach” Weinhaus, Esq. at The Peace Palace at The Hague)

Earlier, King’s Counsel Natasha Hausdorff said Israel would be unable to comply with any ICJ orders to cease hostilities in any event.